2011 February 20th
Held the Inauguration meeting of the THRS, established the Organization Regulation for the THRS, and elected the Board members and the supervisors of the first session. The meeting of the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Commission was then held. Professor Shih-Ann Chen was elected as the first Chairman of the Board of Directors, Professor Wen-Ter Lai was elected as the first Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors.
2011 January 31th
Held the second preparatory meeting.
2011 January 22th
Placed notice in the media and solicited members.
2011 January 21th
Held the founders’ meeting and the first preparatory meeting.
2011 January 6th
Got approval from the Ministry of the Interior.
2010 November 5th
Completed the founders’ co-signing.
2010 October
Prepared the establishment of the Taiwan Heart Rhythm Society (THRS) under the leadership of Professor Shih-Ann Chen.